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For a very long time I have lusted after long, fluttery, full lashes. I always thought they would cost an arm and a leg, so never really looked into it. For years I have been wearing strip lashes, but it had gotten to the point that they were beginning to damage my natural lashes. I began to research different types of lashes and decided that while the Mink and silk lashes looked amazing, I would start with the more understated, but seriously glam volume lashes.
I was nervous about getting lashes applied, as I didn’t want to damage my natural lash. I took to  twitter to do some research  and The Pink room  kept popping up on my timeline.The Pink room is located in Blackrock and Michelle, the lash expert, runs her successful business from her home. I had been following Michelle on Twitter for a while and had always admired the pictures of the lashes she had applied. When I saw she had a last minute appointment on a Friday, I decided to bite the bullet and jump into the world of Semi permanent eyelash extensions.
Volume lashes are applied using either silk or faux mink lashes. The lashes that are used are incredibly lightweight and non damaging to your own natural lashes. They are the finest lashes that can be found, allowing your own lashes to hold more than 1 lash at a time. Volume lashes are designed to create volume to your own lashes, making it look like there is more natural lashes there. They don’t give the same glamour model look of strip lashes, but instead create a more natural look. This is done by applying between 2- 6 lashes onto your own natural lashes. Michelle will only apply the amount that she thinks your natural lash can take. She takes serious pride in her work and her standards are extremely high. These particular type of lashes are designed to last longer than traditional semi permeant lashes, due to the amount of lashes applied and their light weight. They differ to mink or silk lashes, as the lash used is the finest lash there is and more are applied to a sink natural lash as a time. 
The application of the volume lashes took around 2 hours. I only got 60% volume, so if you wanted 100% volume lashes or 6D this will take at least  3 hours. While this seems like a long time, the time passes very quickly. I was tucked up under a duvet on the treatment bed while Michelle worked her magic on my lashes. I found the whole time extremely relaxing as it isn’t very often that you get to just chill out on a bed during the day. I didn’t find it hard keeping my eyes closed and I felt absolutely nothing as the lashes were being applied. This is pampering at it’s best.
Lashes 1 week after application
Volume lashes are extremely natural looking lashes. I was absolutely delighted with the effect these lashes had on my eyes. It was like an instant eye lift. They really opened up the eyes. I had been wearing strip lashes for years, but I found the look that the semi permeant lashes created was far more natural looking on the eyes.
I did find there was little bit of maintenance with these lashes. I had to avoid oil based products around the eyes for fear of breaking down the bond. While you can use makeup on and around the eye, you need to avoid pencil liners that contain oils. I used my Inglot Gel liner instead. I brushed my lashes out every day to stop clumping and I found myself sleeping at the edge of the pillow so that I wouldn’t lose any lashes in my sleep. While this sounds like a lot of work, once I knew what I needed to do I found them easy enough to keep looking well. 
lashes 2 weeks after application
While these lashes look amazing with a full face of makeup, I found where they really shone, was when I was wearing no makeup or just foundation. I found that I was wearing less makeup during the week as the lashes created a look all on their own. My pictures don’t do the lashes justice. I got a serious amount of compliments from complete strangers. 
I got my lashes redone after almost 4 weeks. I could have gotten at least another week out of them as they were still really full, but as Michelle was closed for a few days over Easter, I decided to get them redone and have them looking fresh for Easter. How long your lashes last, depends on your lash cycle.
Lashes 3.5 weeks after application
The price of the Volume lashes depends on the amount of lashes you have applied. For example it is €100 for 2D-3D application, this takes around 2 hours and there is nearly 300 lashes per eye. Infills will set you back €60. It is €130 for 4-5D which takes two and a half hours and is between 400- 500 lashes per eye, with infills costing €90. If you want a seriously full look with 6d lashes this will cost €150 and takes around 3 hours, with 600 lashes applied on each eye. The infills for this cost €100.  I got 3d lashes. These prices are only introductory prices until the end of June
Michelle also offers the option of mink and silk semi permeant lashes for €60 with infills costing €35 every 4 weeks. I have listed The Pink Room full price list below. You can contact The Pink Room on Facebook or on Twitter
Since our natural lashes are so delicate, it takes somebody who is skilled in the area of eyelash application to avoid damaging the lashes during application. Michelle is absolutely brilliant at what she does and if you are thinking about getting lashes, I would seriously recommend that you go to her. Honestly you will come out looking amazing. 
Lashes that a huge amount of hassle out of getting ready. Even with the most minimal makeup or even no makeup at all, you still look done. I seriously love my lashes and will have them re applied again and again for the foreseeable future. 

                                                         Price list:-
                                * Full set of semi perm lashes €60
                                * Infills €35 (every 4 weeks)
                                * Half set of semi perm lashes €45 (lash on every 2nd/3rd lash) 
                                * Lash removal €20
                                * Gelish 3 week soak off polish €25
                                * Lower lashes €15
                                * Eyelash tint €7
                                * Eyebrow tint €7
                                * Callus peel €25 ( inc file & paint)
****** Please note, I paid in full for these lashes. I just really liked the lashes and wanted to blog about them.

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