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It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Moogoo. I have raved about Moogoo on my blog and social media for a long time now . They hold such a special place in my heart because they have quite literally saved me on so many occasions and I am not the only one they have done this for.  All you have to do is a quick google and you will find reams upon reams of people saying how has cured their eczema , acne marks or even cradle cap. Have a read here of how it has helped others.

It can however be hard to know what to buy, so for today’s post I am going to show you how there is a Moogoo product to suit so many of your families needs.

Irritable Skin Balm

I am going to start with the Irritable Skin Balm because basically I believe that every single household should have a tube of this in their house. This has literally been my saviour on a number of occasions.

The Irritable skin balm, as the name suggests, is a product to help soothe irritated skin. The first time I ever used it was in the run up to my wedding when the stress of wedding planning caused me to have a flare up of eczema. My eczema was particularly bad in the bend of my arm and behind my knees. The skin was at the point of cracking and it was very sore. Most of the time I don’t mind how it looks but as it was a matter of weeks before the wedding, the fake tan trials were causing it to look particularly angry.

As I often do, I reached out to the readers of The Beautiful Truth for advice on what worked for them. I didn’t want to go down the steroid route. Again and again people recommended the Irritable skin balm. I applied it two to three times a day to the affected areas and in about a week, the flare ups were gone!

I continued to use it for about a week after and then I switched it out for the MSM soothing cream. The MSM soothing cream is brilliant for keep the flare ups at bay.  The fact that it can be used from birth means that it is also excellent on baby eczema.

Another time it saved me was when I was pregnant. I am somebody who gets incredibly itchy skin and when pregnant, it was like I had something crawling underneath my skin. It was especially bad on my legs, feet and hands. I found that by lathering this on my skin, it took the sting out of the itch within a few minutes.

It also works particularly well on pups rash. When pregnant I got pups rash towards the very end of my pregnancy and then it flared up horrendously after Conor was born and again, the irritable skin balm was what saved me.

I honestly can’t recommend the Irritable skin balm enough. I have bought countless tubes of it and will continue to have spare bottles in the house. Out of every beauty product I have used this is 100% my most recommended one.

MSM Soothing cream

This is another product for irritable skin. I use this to prevent flare ups rather than for clearing them. Again you can apply this all over the body or to your areas normally effected. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. It is all natural so it can be used from birth. I particularly found this good for Conor when he was a baby. I would apply it to his face and under this chin to stop the baby eczema flaring up and to help stop teething rash on his neck from the drool . You can pick the MSM soothing cream up here for €15.95.

Scalp Cream

This is yet another hero product. Like a lot of babies, when Conor was small he kept getting cradle cap. As a new mom, I was unsure what to do with it and if I am honest, it kinda grossed me out. I hated the soft spot on Conor’s head and the cradle seems to cling to there.

Before Conor was born, Moogoo had kindly send me out a few items that they thought might be helpful with a new baby. The scalp cream happened to be one of those, so I gave it a shot. I applied it to his scalp and let it set for about 30 mins or so. Then I combed it out with a nit comb. I found that it slid out of the hair very easily. I repeated this two days later and then two days after that. Each time there was less and less to remove and after the 3rd time, no more came back! I recommend this to every new mother.

I currently have another family member who has dry scalp trialing it too, so it is not just for babies! You can buy it here for €15.95.


Bubbly Wash

This is another must for new babies. When Conor was born, I was all about getting stuff that made him smell lovely. I wanted big bubbles and that fresh baby smell. Within a few weeks of him being born, he got a really bad rash on his body. Long story short, I was told the products I was using were not only not suitable for children under 3 months, but they contained a huge amount of chemicals. This knowledge freaked me out a little to say the least, so I went on the hunt for alternatives.

The bubbly wash was what I started to use and we are still using it now. It isn’t the type of bubble bath that will give you huge fluffy bubbles, but if you apply it to the bath and swish it around with your hands, you will get enough bubbles to make either a bubble crown or beard! It smells nice but most of all it causes no irritation to the skin. I also use this in Conor’s hair too, so I don’t have millions of bottles for him to grab at on the side of the bath!!

You can buy this here for €14.95 for 500ml.

Finely Ground Oatmeal Cleansing Bar

While I am not personally fond of a bar of soap for washing my body, this cleansing bar is super for cleaning your makeup brushes!! Random I know! However, the bit of oatmeal in it is great for scrubbing the brushes and getting the makeup out fast. The ingredients also mean that they are gentle on the bristles and leave them lovely and soft. The honey included also has antibacterial properties so your brushes are going to be squeaky clean. You can buy the cleansing bar here for €5.95.

Nappy Balm

Another baby must have! A lot of nappy balms come in tubs and if I am honest, I personally don’t find that the most hygienic. That is part of the reason why I love the Moogoo nappy balm. The pump means I am not getting product stuck under my nails nor am I double dipping!!  I found the product itself was gentle on the skin but it cleared up any rash quickly. It didn’t dry out the skin either. You can buy it here for €10.95

Shea Sorbet Butter Balm

This is a holy grail product for me. I adore this butter balm. While it is a balm that can me used on feet and hands, I personally use it on my lips. It is the most glorious lip balm and is perfect for prepping your lips before a matte lipstick. I apply it when I start going my makeup and then when I get to my lips they feel lovely and moist. It also heels up cracked lips very fast and it doesn’t feel in the least bit greasy. Oh and it smells incredible. Like a loop the loop ice pop! The tub is huge and will last you an eternity. You can buy it here for €14.95.

Tail swat

I am one of those people who the minute they hop off the plane on a sun holiday, they are bitten alive. Whenever I go away, I am legit eaten within an inch of my life.

This year I decided I wanted to try something a little bit more natural, so used the Moogoo Tail swat. This is a deet free repellent. The tail swat doesn’t smell bad, it doesn’t feel sticky and it 100% stopped me from getting bitten. In fact here were two nights I forgot to apply it when I was away and those where the two nights that I got bites! What I love about this is it can be used all all ages because it is all natural ingredients .


Products work mentioning

Oncology Care Pack: This is the perfect gift for anyone going through treatment for cancer. The ingredients are gentle on the skin yet and would be the perfect pick me up for someone going through such a difficult time.  You can buy it here for €40.

Cold Pressed Tamanu Oil: I wanted to mention this one as there is a friend of my family who gave this to their daughter to use on acne scaring and they found it made a fantastic difference. Not only is this excellent
for acne prone skin but it helps with anti ageing too. Be warn though, it does have a hint of a curry smell. You can buy it here for €12.70.

The Baby starter kit: This includes so many of my must haves for baby, including the full size bubbly wash, nappy balm, scalp cream and soothing msm cream all for €55. This would be a beautiful gift for a mom to be. You can buy it here. 


This is a sponsored post with Moogoo Ireland. This in no way effects my views on the products. Moogoo is a brand I have used for many years and genuinely love . As I mentioned above, it is a brand that really holds a special place in my heart 



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