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I have always been blessed with good hair. Thank god. I have never had a problem with dry ends or snapping hair. That is until I got a bad colour 2 years ago. I went to a local salon up beside my mothers house, which I had been going to for a while, to get an all over colour. I had decided, that as it was winter I would go slightly darker. I picked the colour out and it was going to be gorgeous. That was until the hairdresser left the colour on for too long and when she washed it and dried it, my hair was Morticia Addams black. I nearly lost my life. Mother of god. Who would, in their right mind, leave the house looking like this.  I went home, looked in the mirror and sobbed. Long story short I went back to The Salon because I wasn’t happy.To try and salvage my hair, they bleached my hair back. This was disastrous for my hair. Since then my hair has not been right. It was really dry, always breaking and it couldn’t retain any colour that was applied. I was at my wits end.

A few months ago, while having a mooch around the local chemist I spotted Mane ‘n Tail. I knew that Mane ‘n Tail was originally designed for horse and when used owners saw a real shine on the horses hair. Some bright spark must have had the “unusual” idea to try it on their own hair and saw similar results. Man ‘n Tail promises to give stronger, healthier looking hair by nourishing, fortifying and conditioning the hair and scalp. Sure what had I got to lose. Horses hair always looks shinny, doesn’t?

Since buying Mane ‘n Tail I haven’t looked backed. My hair is back in great condition. It is thick, shiny and lovely and smooth. It has even started to grow at rapid speed again.The shampoo itself can be very hard to get a good lather on and I find that if I am in a mad rush in the shower this can add on a few extra minutes . However, for great looking hair I would gladly give up 5 minutes in bed.

When my mother saw the condition of my hair she went out and bought the shampoo and conditioner. She put it in the shower, but a few weeks later she noticed it was running out rapidly. She casually asked my dad had he been using it? His reply. ” Neeeeiiigh” .The sneeky little fecker had been using it, but the thing is my dads hair was actually looking thicker. He hasn’t much hair but that, that he has was looking great.

I have used many high end shampoos to try and get my hair back into a healthy condition and nothing worked, but Mane ‘n Tail did everything that it said on the bottle. I would highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner. Mc Cabes online shop stock the full Mane ‘n Tail range.The Original Shampoo and conditioner retails for €6.95 each.

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